St. Andrew’s Choir

Our choir consists of a group of dedicated singers who are present for the 10:30 service each Sunday. In addition, they attend regular choir practices. It is a unison choir with the exception of three ladies who sing alto. Parts of the Eucharist are sung, and the choir sings hymns during administration of communion. Members are also usually available for funerals and special services.


There are three hymn books in use at St. Andrew’s: the “old” blue Hymn Book; Living/Mission Praise; Common Praise. Choir members have music editions of all three books, and there are several music edition copies of Common Praise available for music readers in the congregation.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School Program is led by beautiful leaders committed to God and the formation of God’s Children. It takes place during Sunday worship in our parish hall with the children joining us for the celebration of Holy Eucharist. You are invited to register your child or if you wish, share your gift of teaching and working with the children with us.



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Outreach Committee