Outreach at St. Andrews is ongoing and plays a large part in our community and the world beyond. Lorraine MacLellan is Chair of the Committee.  and keeps a list of Outreach Activities.  Some highlights are listed here.

  • Mission to Seafarers – At Christmas shoe boxes are filled with items for crew members on ships that come in to the port of Halifax.
  • Marguerite Centre –  St. Andrews supports the women residents with food and gifts at intervals during the year.
  • Phoenix House –  At Christmas, laundry hampers are filled with much-needed items for the youth who are temporary residents at Phoenix House.
  • Groceries for Food Bank –  Donated at various times throughout the year.
  • Church Hall – Our hall is available without cost to several non-profit groups.
  • Stamps, Soup Labels, Soda pop and Bread Tags – : Collected to support fund-raising groups.
  • Primates World Relief & Development Fund –   St. Andrews supports PWRDF through donations and fund-raising events.
  • Pastoral Ministries –  Clergy, Pastoral Care Committee members, and other members of St. Andrews congregation attend to the various pastoral needs of the Parish on a regular basis in many different ways. Emergencies are attended to. Visits take place. Phone calls are made. Cards are sent out. Food is delivered. Services of Holy Communion with music take place at Melville Lodge. Communion is taken to seniors who are not able to come to worship services.
  • Special Services of Worship –  St. Andrews reaches out and invites community representatives to worship with us on specific occasions. Remembrance Services are well-attended.
  • BLT Schools Breakfast Program –  St. Andrews supports this program with monthly “Breakfast Bucket” contributions. Our facilities are available to the schools should an emergency arise. Visitors from BLT schools often visit during worship services.
  • Children’s Shopping Day –  In December we host a special shopping day for children.
  • Ecumenical Services –  Offerings from these services are used where needed in different parts of the world.
  • Church Breakfasts –  A number of the men in our parish prepare breakfast and invite members of the congregation and their friends to come to St. Andrews for good food and fellowship on specific Saturday mornings.
  • BLT Rails to Trails –  St. Andrews hall and parking lot are made available free of charge for this group’s events.
  • Sunday School and Youth –  Opportunities for the children of the parish to perform and participate in other outreach activities through craft making, role-playing and contributing to charities.  The teachers of the Sunday School are instrumental in encouraging these activities.  The teachers also provide refreshments for parents before Sunday School classes begin
  • Rector’s Discretionary Outreach Fund –  Members of the congregation support this fund.
  • The Ways and Means Committee –  This group puts on events to raise funds. They also provide entertaining activities and tasty treats (no strings attached) to welcome people into our church.

If you are interested in more information or helping with any of the many opportunities to reach out into our community, please see Lorraine, Rev. Marilyn or any of our committee chair persons (Committee Chairs)