Notes on the Diaconate

Deacons, both women and men, have been part of the Christian Church since its early beginnings. Acts 6:1-6, 1 Tim. 3:8-13, and Romans 16:1, 2 provide biblical references.  Over the centuries the Diaconate changed into a more transitional ministry, becoming the first ordained step towards Priesthood.

In recent years the Diaconate has emerged as one of the three permanent orders in the Anglican Church.  This was the result of the 1986 efforts by General Synod. The first Vocational (permanent) Deacon was ordained in 1997 in this diocese, and on June 11, 2012 St. Andrews Church welcomed its first ordained Vocational Deacon, the Rev.’d Marilyn Hamlin.

The Diaconate is the sign of Christ’s servanthood within the life and mission of the Church. It spotlights the ministry of service to others by holding up the life of servanthood and encouraging service to happen.  It is on the basis of these roots and traditions that the Diaconate is being revitalized, renewed, and reaffirmed.

Deacons help and support the church congregation to reach out into the neighbourhood, the wider community and into far corners of the world, always searching for opportunities to share in the many ministries of service with and to their fellow brothers and sisters.

A deacon’s ministry is both liturgical and pastoral whether in the setting of a worship service or in ministering to those who are in need. It entails both reaching into oneself to find and use the gifts that God has provided and to reach out to others in the sharing of these gifts.

As part of the Ministry Team at St. Andrews Church in Timberlea, it is with thankfulness, humility and joy that your Deacon serves in this parish and beyond.