Building a new Lakeside Community Centre

Good Day All,

Please see message below from Bob Angus. If you would like to provide feedback, you may do so by contacting Bob directly through the telephone # or email provided:

I have been asked as a member of our community Consultation Committee (CCC), to contact seniors and Seniors Groups in our BLT area to see what they would like to have in our new LCC, in particular, outdoor activities. We will tackle indoor activities and services later in the year 2021.

 Churches are often a meeting point for seniors of all ages and therefore we want to make sure that we communicate through the churches as best we can, to listen to what these seniors want and for us to give them feedback to their choices and as to new developments and news as they occur.

My question is how do we contact these people and it was suggested by one of our committee members that churches might be a way to get in touch with seniors.

We are aware that church facilities are often used by current groups and individuals and that the church sometimes receive funds for the use of the church facilities. It’s not our intention to take away any income from a church but merely to let the parishioners now that we are interested in their views and in return letting them know what is going on at the new Lakeside community centre.

It is our intention to contact all our BLT churches asking for the same response to our question as to how to keep seniors involved in the development of our Lakeside community centre. 

Our community Consultation Committee meets as required when new issues take place knowing that the public should know about them. We expect to publicize in the Masthead News occasionally and on our BLT Residents Association Facebook page to let people know of the progress reports.

We would appreciate any feedback.


Bob Angus, Co Vice Chair

Community Consultation Committee

Lakeside, N S