Rector's Desk

Hi everyone!

I hope this letter finds all our members rested, feeling strengthened and renewed by the beauty of summer. Although many of us are more than ready for cooler fall days and less humidity!

The most spiritual part of this season for many has nothing to do with whether or not church has been part of it, or vacation, travel or fun (though I pray all those things have found their way to you). For many of us, spiritual connection comes when we intentionally slow down, change the pace, and find ourselves “present.”

Some time on trails, or along the ocean and beaches, or in the woods … whether here or on an entirely different continent has a way of connecting us. We can feel connected walking on ground and earth, knowing literally every other person on this planet is supported by that same earth. We are connected.

We can pull in a deep breath and understand that billions of other people, whether living under religious persecution in India or China or the United States, or struggling to survive famine in East Africa, South Sudan or Yemen, are pulling in a breath as well. We are connected by the very air we breathe.

When we rest our minds and souls, summertime can surround us with more signs of how connected we are. Breath connects all living beings, and the ground supports all of us while at the same time there are wild flowers that bring beauty into the most harsh or extreme places. So incongruent with war or depravation, or suffering.

There are butterflies to remind us that all things change, all things can be resurrected, to be felt in connection with whatever we have seen and faced in daily news. There is sunshine, or rain, or clouds or wind to remind us that no matter what our struggles, wherever we are, there are always sources of strength. There are always ways to feel the waters of God washing away what we need to let go. There is always the possibility of new life to be drawn into our souls.

My hope is that each of us this summer has found moments when we have felt deeply connected to every living being on this planet. Moments when we have held the dark parts of what we’ve seen and heard. Moments when we have stretched our arms out wide and let go of things we need to. Moments when sunlight and dragonflies and wildflowers have lifted our souls in knowing that God, life, and we ourselves are always surrounding each other. We are surrounded. All we need to feel is around us already. We only need to perceive it.

Sunday, Sept 16th is our Welcome Back Sunday. I’m afraid my letter was written too close to the date of the event, so for those who may not have already been aware, we hope you will join us any Sunday. The doors are always open for everyone!

Our heartfelt thanks to all who volunteered to make the Welcome Back BBQ and social time possible! And to our Sunday School teachers as they gear up for a new year with our awesome students! Registration is Sept 16th but parents are more than welcome to register their children on any Sunday.


Rev’d Mark